Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crazy Summer

I'm long overdue for lots of additions to the blog - I know, I know. So much has been happening over the past month that everything seems like a blur.

We're going through some major changes here at the office. We're making a move to a new broker/dealer and it's a tremendous task. New paperwork has to be obtained from every single client. So for the first two weeks of June I was chained to my desk, combing through every client's file creating databases, spreadsheets and letters to be sent out. On Wednesday, June 18th I got to the office at 6am. Worked until 6pm. Straight to church to lead the youth group devotional and then had a summer camp meeting afterward. Left the meeting and got back to the office at 10:30pm. Worked until 4:30am. Got in bed at 5:30am and was back at the office at 9. That was not a typical day but it wasn't far from it.

Shanna and the band played at Hawaiian Falls waterpark June 8th and 15th. Dillon, a new member of the Legacy youth group went on 3 backyard mission trips. We went to Angel Fire, New Mexico with Shanna's family the last week of the month. See what I mean? Lots going on.

Oh yeah, and we had VBS - Moses:Bound for Holy Ground. I managed to make it to four practices during June which added to the frustration of the director, Kipi Ward. I had some small cameo appearances in the musical and even a one line solo to the tune of Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana. Not bad considering we came back into town the night it started.

Find out more about all four night of VBS at Allan's website :

Shanna and the kids leave for Oklahoma City Saturday. Dillon's going to camp at Oklahoma Christian. She's going to drop him there and then stay a few days with our good friends Ron and Su Crawford. I'll be playing the bachelor for a few days. We've got new internet at the house and a tuned up computer. I promise to catch up on pictures from:

Halie's wedding

Shanna and the band at Hawaiian Falls

Our trip to New Mexico

And whatever else has accumulated on the camera.

Stay tuned.....