Friday, April 17, 2009


Tax season is over.

A very good CPA friend of mine asked if I'd be interested in helping them out during their crunch time. I agreed. You ask why and I don't have a very good answer other than that he's a friend, 4 kids keep cash in short supply and I have some sort of sickness that actually makes me enjoy doing tax returns.

See I was going to be a CPA. I actually worked for this friend and his father for a few years. The thing I couldn't stand was tax season. 80 hour weeks for two and a half months just wasn't my thing. This experience was a good reminder that made me thankful for my current occupation. Although the markets of 2008 did make me long for an endless supply of 1040s. Thankfully that appears to be over.

Dillon is doing fine. Some of you know of the spill he took while skiing over spring break. (Break being the key word). The doctor says his growth plate may be fractured but it shouldn't be a concern. The hard cast was off within two weeks and now he just wears a brace on his wrist. Funny, he never missed a lick on Xbox - even with the hard cast. Fortunately no scientists have tried to make any connection between this and evolution.

We had a great Easter. Family get together in Waxahachie complete with Easter egg hunt. Followed on Sunday by a great morning at church and indoor egg hunt at Vic and Kathryn's. A little rain wasn't going to keep our kids from yet another supply of sugar.

Everyone else is doing great. Our little Oreo has managed to grow to six pounds. I have to admit that even though he's only the size of a stuffed animal he's pretty cool.

Now I'm back to one job and dinners at home and American Idol live instead of off the DVR. Ok, ok, I'm a fan.